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Keeping Me Honest!

Anderson Cooper. 

Although I dislike him, I think he raises a good point and has good reasoning behind his opinions and responses. (This is a segway, don’t worry this post is not actually about Anderson Cooper). Having said that, I would like to keep myself honest and write a blog post each day. I know this will be difficult to accomplish with school, work, NSAC, AdClub, networking and somewhat of a social life taking moderate to ridiculous amounts of my time. But I’m going to try!

Anyone who is following me on tumblr or Twitter (@chadkluge) feel free to heckle/encourage me to push onward! Writing daily will not only improve my writing skills, but also has been shown to increase creativity and decrease stress! (insert source here).

Since I didn’t really post anything yet in this blog post, here is a poem I wrote for Creative Writing. Enjoy! 

"Why do you ask"

If you already know the answer?

Forced nod, imitated understanding

If you don’t listen to the response, then

Why do you ask?

Thinking about an answer, before I’ve finished speaking

Forced smile, feigned enthusiasm

"What did you say?"

Waiting for your turn to speak, instead of listening 

Forced word, faked ardency

If you weren’t interested, then 

Why did you ask?

Also, shout out to Birthday Boy and future colleague Jordan Benesh! Welcome to the 20s! :)

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